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Professional Opera Singer
Enterprise Salesman
Creator of Tonality Training Workshop
and Unleash Your Voice






I made over 7000 manual cold calls to a list I built,

and booked meetings with F500 and F100 C-suite execs; led my office and region in self-prospected meetings and POVs shipped; and closed over $1.2m TCV my first year in B2B tech sales. Largest deal was $207k ARR.The right tonality turns a true cold call into a discovery call, on the spot. The right mindset turns every obstacle into an opportunity.


Before sales, I was a professional opera singer

and stage actor. 12 years of my life were spent training and performing at the highest levels, where your voice must cut over an orchestra to fill a 3000-seat theatre with every color of the human emotional palette...all without a microphone. To do so, I had to relentlessly push myself to become my best. Without an elite mindset, you succumb to nerves, anxiety, and fear. Without setting a standard for oneself, you fumble opportunities, waste people's time and never realize your potential. And of course, without what the rest of the world calls "tonality", singing is robotic, and spoken lines are meaningless - no music or art is created.

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If you're on this page, 

there's a good chance you've heard my voice narrating content and courses for the internet's most trendsetting creators 🐉

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