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"Michael Hewitt sings such life into Angelotti in his first and only act, that we continue to care deeply for him and cheer his heroic act of defiance" - DC Theatre Scene 

"Michael Hewitt’s vibrant baritone served him well as Angelotti." - Opera News

"Michael H
ewitt’s vibrant baritone served him well as Angelotti. "- Opera News

"Michael Hewitt brought the necessary touch of darkness to the plot as Jud Fry."

- Wall Street Journal 

"I was very engaged by Michael Hewitt’s well-considered take on Jud Fry, which explored the personal contradictions that inform the show’s most interesting and varied personality. Mr. Hewitt’s Jud is a handsome man, and a reliable worker, seeming nothing like the odious threat some productions offer. Instead, he becomes more and more interesting as the layers of his tragic character peel away. His participation in Pore Jud reveals real humanity, and by the time Michael takes on Lonely Room, the pathos and urgent desperation in his beautifully produced, bronzed baritone draw us into his emotional paralysis. This was a memorable role assumption."

- Opera Today