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Piqued your curiosity, eh? Let’s dig into the Outlaw Josie Wales Michael Hewitt. Strap in. 

(to get ahead of any preconceived notions, I’ve neither ridden a horse nor shot a revolver; swung a katana or been out to sea…but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have been - or am not - a cowboy/ronin/pirate…aka an outlaw)


Humans are meaning making creatures. Helps us make more sense of life’s ups and downs. Maybe that’s just me. As i’ve defined mine for myself:

To self-actualize through strength and song
To become the person I needed but didn’t have and offer that person to the world


Highlight reels are boring. Used to define myself by the following: I’ve sung at top houses with top people and won awards for merit from top training programs; maxxed out certifications in nutrition coaching and fitness instruction from equally pedigreed places; Monster cold-caller that thrives in sink or swim Boiler Room environments; competed on NBC’s Titan Games (The Rock knew exactly who I was for ~two weeks); Rocked out with my **** out onstage. Blah blah blah.

I grew up poor. My parents split in first grade. I was the “fat kid” in all friend groups from elementary school ‘til beginning of high-school. I have a massive chip on my shoulder and have spent most of my life trying to punch the world in the face to get it to see me the way I want to

be seen. I have flushed more golden opportunities down the drain than I care to admit. I got a DUI. I got an MIP. I’ve woken up still hammered in the hospital 2x. Haven’t drank in 7.5 years but still go out (will probably enable you to have another.) Won’t say no to the occasional American Spirit (Black preferred) and definitely not a Lucky Strike unfiltered.


Efforts to crack my code or categorize me will be expedited with the following info: 

Personality Assessments (more legit than you may think)

Enneagram: Sexual 3

HD: Generator 4/6

Sign (hey ladies): Capricorn; Pisces Moon; Scorpio ascendant
Color Code: Yellow-Blue (been awhile though, still checks out)
Gallup Strengths: Learner, Achiever, Significance, Restorative, Strategic

Books that either by nature or nurture I was drawn to:

The Count of Monte Cristo


His Dark Materials

Atlas Shrugged

Harry Potter (HBP is my favorite)



Movies I have to finish if I see them on (remember having cable)

Good Will Hunting
The Departed

The Birdcage
The Godfather

Old School + Step Brothers

Committed to memory: 

50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying

The Last 5 Years by Jason Robert Brown

My God, did you make it this far? Don’t be a stranger - DM wherever you’re active (@michaelhewitt23 on all platforms) and let me know how I can help you…or share that you love the same stuff…or recommend me something you think I’d be into…or send hate mail. 


Sweet dreams. 


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